The Board of the Wolfeboro Friends of Music appreciates the long standing support it has received from its advertisers and sponsors. Each season we recognize our advertisers and sponsors in our brochure, program booklet, advertisements, poster and concert banners as well as posters and PowerPoint projections during the concerts. The Board recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic has created both a medical and an economic crisis for many individuals and for many businesses. The Board has unanimously decided to return the support given to us by offering each and every advertiser and sponsor from our abbreviated 2019-2020 season the same level of advertisements and sponsorship recognition for our coming season at no cost. We are in process of constructing our season brochure and program booklet and intend to repeat the ads and sponsor recognition. E-mails and letters are being sent to all.

Even in the midst of this horrible pandemic, we are planning our 2020-2021 season beginning in the Fall with Fred Moyer’s Classical/Jazz Program and ending in June with The Kingston Trio. We also have six other wonderful artists under contract. We are hopeful that all of this will happen as planned.