Please Support Our Advertisers

WFOM is grateful for the following advertisers who have continued their support for the arts in this live 2022-2023 season. WFOM is committed to suppoorting our advertisers and sponsors. Please find a list of these great establishments below. Click on their names and the link will bring you to each of their informational web pages.

All Saints Episcopal Church

Alton Veterinary Clinic

Ashton & Company

AutoCare Plus

Avery Insurance Sponsor

Blacksmith Printing

Bradley's Hardware

Brookside Plumbing

Butternuts Good Dishes

Coastal Winds

Edward Jones Sponsor

First Congregational Church

Gov Wentworth Arts Council

Hammond, Dr. John

Heckman's Flooring

Irwin Automotive Group

JC Signs


K.A. Perry Real Estate

Kingswood Theatre

Mill Street Meat Market

Meredith Village Saving Bank Sponsor

Neal, Dr. Richard

Paumanok Piano Tuning

Paul Zimmerman SPONSOR

Taylor Community Sponsor

Tuftonboro Bluegrass

UNH School of Music

Weston Autobody

Wolfeboro Chiropractic Office

Wolfeboro Bay Real Estate

Wolfeboro Family Dental