Wolfeboro Friends of Music (WFOM)
will award tuition awards to six students to attend
the 2020 Summer Youth Music School (SYMS) camps at UNH Durham, Dept. of Music
or the 2020 Southern Maine University Summer Music camps at SMU Gorham, Me,
Dept. of Music (For information about the camps, please use the links listed below).
SYMS Junior (July 12-17) or SMJMA (July 26-Aug 1) are one week overnight camp
awards to be awarded to three area students completing 7th and 8th grade. Three area
high school students who have completed 9th, 10th or 11th grade will receive awards to
attend the Senior SYMS (July 18-26) or SOMMA (July 11-18) overnight camp. The
awards are open to any year-round resident student in the Lakes Region area who
submits an application (see WFOM application form) including a written essay about their
interest and future musical ambitions. The deadline for WFOM applications must be
received at Jeffrey Smith, Wolfeboro Friends of Music, 725 Pleasant Valley Road,
Wolfeboro, NH 03894 is Monday, May 11, 2020. An application also must be submitted
directly to UNH Dept. of Music or Southern Maine Department of Music (see links
below). The tuition award winners will be selected based on their application by a
committee of WFOM Board members.
The awards are funded from the William H. Gibson Music Fund, a fund supported by
WFOM through part of its annual ticket income, supporting awards, and individual
sponsors. The Gibson Music Fund is used each year to provide music education
programs, lessons, or equipment for the Gov. Wentworth Regional School District
students and to enhance the summer musical experience for students in grades 7-11 in
the Lakes Region. Donations to the William H. Gibson Music Fund can be made
payable to WFOM, PO Box 2056, Wolfeboro NH 03894.
Southern Maine


A note of praise for the SYMS Program

July 28, 2016

To Wolfeboro Friends of Music,

Please pass on my gratitude to the Friends of Music for granting my daughter a scholarship to attend SYMS Jr last year. If you had not offered the scholarship, it is likely we would not have known about the program, and she might not have embraced saxophone playing as she does today with so much love and enthusiasm.

She did not apply for the scholarship again this year because we wanted someone else to experience what she did. She did however go back for a second year, and loved every minute of it. To give you an example of her enthusiasm: She now wants to learn how to play the soprano sax! Yikes!

Thank you so much for helping to enrich my daughter’s music education, and I hope you continue to provide this service to others.


A Grateful Mom